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Who is Griffis Residential?

Founded in 2004, Griffis Residential is a Denver, CO based, vertically integrated multifamily owner and operator currently managing approximately 8,000 apartment units, with a reputation built on the founder’s nearly three decades of successful real estate investing, a time-tested investment strategy, and a track record of long-term value creation through multiple market cycles. Griffis Residential assets under management total $2.8 billion.

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Who can invest in Griffis Residential multifamily funds?

Griffis Residential multifamily funds rely on Rule 506(c) of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and is open to Accredited Investors.

To learn more on accreditation requirements, see information from the SEC here.

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Where does Griffis Residential invest?

Griffis Residential invests in select U.S. innovation hubs, where we believe rent growth is likely to outpace the US average. These markets have generally experienced strong growth in employment, wages and population.

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What is the Griffis Residential Investment Strategy? What types of assets does Griffis Residential target?

Griffis Residential targets multifamily assets that contain 150+ units and have a total project cost typically ranging from $50 million to $150+ million. These properties are located in the target markets, which feature a combination of favorable supply/demand dynamics, attractive demographic characteristics, appealing lifestyle amenities and sound economic fundamentals.

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What is the sponsor’s commitment to the funds?

The sponsor, including principals and key employees, collectively invest in the funds offered by Griffis Residential. The amount of the sponsor commitment can be found in the offering documents for the fund.

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How are the interests aligned between the General Partners and Limited Partners (Investors)?

Griffis Residential is focused on achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors, wealth preservation, and establishing and maintaining long-term investor relationships. To ensure alignment of interest, Griffis Residential’s principals have a material amount of net worth invested in Griffis Residential funds and an affiliate of the sponsor earns a performance-based interest after certain hurdles are achieved. Historically, the vast majority of the company’s limited partners have been repeat investors, with relationships enduring over 35 years and multiple market cycles.

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How will I manage my investment?

Griffis residential provides all investors with access to an online account portal, where investors can view and receive documents, receive investment and distribution updates, download tax documents, and contact an Investor Relations associate at any time during their investment.


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How will I manage my tax accounting?

Through your secure investor portal, you have access to all tax and financial documents. In addition, Griffis Residential can send documents directly to your CPA.

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How do Capital Calls work?

Once you are formally committed to investing in an offering, you will be notified of future capital calls. Capital is called anytime after initial closing.

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Can I cash out early?

Real estate investments have a longer term time horizon than that of other types of investments like liquid stocks or bonds. Please see the Operating Agreement for the fund to review the redemption policy for that fund.

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Can I invest via an LLC, Trust, or LP?

Yes, Investors are able to invest through these entities.

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